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JShrink is a javascript minifier written in PHP. It’s designed to take large javascript files and remove the superflous bit, making the download faster.

JShrink has some advantages over other libraries. Since it was written in native php, rather than ported, it has better performance. It has some extra features, like the ability to retain licensing data after shrinking other content.

JShrink is hosted on Github.

JShrink reaches 100k downloads on Packagist!

Five years ago JShrink was released to let PHP apps minify their javascript assets natively. Since then the PHP world has matured considerably, especially when it comes to package delivery. The introduction of composer, and it’s website counter part Packagist.org, has been a huge boon to development.

Two and a half years ago JShrink was put on Packagist, and since then it has become an increasingly important channel for JShrink’s distribution. Today it hit a new milestone- 100,475 downloads! It’s not just the total number of downloads that is going up, but the monthly download count as well, with downloads hitting just shy of 15k a month.

Thanks for all your support!

JShrink added to the HHVM Compatibility Test Suite

In the most recent release of JShrink I pledged full HHVM support, and since then have been running our full test suite against the 3.0 release as well as the nightly builds. Well, it seems that HHVM has itself committed to supporting JShrink, as they’ve added it to their own framework compatibility test suite.

For the last week JShrink has been present on the HHVM Compatibility Dashboard, where it is one of 24 projects that are working at 100%. I’m proud to publish code that supports HHVM, and am very excited that JShrink is one of the projects used to test compatibility of HHVM against the existing php ecosystem.

Today I’m proud to release JShrink v1.0!

When JShrink was first created it was meant to solve a simple problem- minify javascript as quickly as possible, and do so with an open source license.

JShrink has been in development for several years now. It’s migrated from Google Code to Github and modernized with support for things like Composer and the PSR standards. It’s been adopted by numerous projects (SugarCRM and Piwik are two examples), and extended by other developers for use with Assetic and Symfony2. Through Packagist along it has had over 32k downloads (over 5k of which was just last month). In recent months a lot of work has been put into increasing test coverage, adopting standards, and making contributions easier. This latest version of JShrink is the fastest, best documented, and most comprehensively tested version yet.

All of which leads to this, JShrink 1.0.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and adopted JShrink!