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A Walkthrough of PSR-6: Caching

There’s been a lot of discussion about PSR-6, the php-fig caching interfaces, so I thought it was time to step in and describe what this system is all about. Be prepared to read far more about caching interfaces than you probably thought possible.

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Upcoming Github Enterprise Vulnerability Disclosure

Earlier today I discovered that, due to a vulnerability with Github Enterprise, I still had access to resources at my former company that I really shouldn’t have. After reporting it to those guys so they could lock it down on their end, I reached out to Github themselves so they could repair it on their end and push out a fix to their own customers.

Their response was that they didn’t care. I received a form letter stating that they were “aware of this and similar issues”, and that they’d be working on improving it in the future.

Sometime this weekend I am going to be writing a blog post describing how former employers of a company can access the repositories and data inside Github Enterprise installations, because apparently Github as a company gives no fucks and it’s public disclosure time.

If anyone knows anyone at Github who might actually take this seriously please feel free to send them my way. I would much rather do this the proper way if possible.

Planning to Go Down, HTTP Edition

Whether it’s from a planned upgrade or a blown RAID, your site is going to go down eventually. This was brought to light for a lot of people by a recent outage on Hacker News- an outage that was made worse by HN responding with 200 Status Codes. During the subsequent discussion I posted a few quick pieces of advice which got a bit of attention, so I thought it was worth writing up a real post about it. Since this all started with a website and a status code it’s only fair to focus the attention on HTTP and how it can be used to help.

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