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secretcli – an interface for the AWS Secrets Manager

I love the AWS Secrets Manager, but have found the awscli tools for it to be a bit bulky. Most of the time all I want to do is download a file, edit it, and upload it again- and even then I normally just want to quickly change a single value inside of my “secret”.

The secretcli project makes all of that trivial, allowing all of these actions to be done with a single command-

  • Download an existing Secret to a file,
  • Upload a file to replace an existing Secret,
  • Create new Secrets that are ready to work as JSON data stores,
  • Retrieve a single value from a Secret,
  • Add, edit, or remove a single value from a Secret.

Like all of my projects you can find this one on Github, and contributions are always welcome.

A Walkthrough of PSR-6: Caching

There’s been a lot of discussion about PSR-6, the php-fig caching interfaces, so I thought it was time to step in and describe what this system is all about. Be prepared to read far more about caching interfaces than you probably thought possible.

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Planning to Go Down, HTTP Edition

Whether it’s from a planned upgrade or a blown RAID, your site is going to go down eventually. This was brought to light for a lot of people by a recent outage on Hacker News- an outage that was made worse by HN responding with 200 Status Codes. During the subsequent discussion I posted a few quick pieces of advice which got a bit of attention, so I thought it was worth writing up a real post about it. Since this all started with a website and a status code it’s only fair to focus the attention on HTTP and how it can be used to help.

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