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Major Stash and StashBundle Updates

For the last two months there has been a lot of development on Stash and the Symfony StashBundle, culminating in the release of Stash 0.12 and Stash Bundle v0.4.

It’s hard to stress how much work went into these two releases. For Stash there was 139 commits and the Stash Bundle itself had another 103. Much of this was internal changes designed to improve performance and ease future development, but there are also a lot of goodies that you’ll want to start exploring.

New Documentation Site and Github Organization

Stash and the Stash Bundle have both been moved out of my personal Github account and over to a new organization. At the same time we’re launching a brand new site, StashPHP.com, for all of the Stash documentation. A special thanks to the folks at the Guzzle project for releasing their Sphinx theme to the public, as that was the basis for the new site.

Full Support for HHVM

This latest release is the first to commit to supporting HHVM. Every new change will be tested against both the stable HHVM and the nightly builds, and any problems that come up will be resolved before being released.


Stash has already has great support for grouping cached items together using Stacks, and with this latest release it adds Namespaces to the mix. These features are redesigned to work together, allowing each namespace to contain it’s own completely independent groups of items.

For more information on how to use these features in your project check out the Groupings documentation on the Stash site.

Public API Additions

Besides the Namespace features there are a few new public functions available. The DriversList class has been expanded to allow more data to be pulled out about what drivers are available on the system as well as making it possible to register custom drivers. The Item class also contains new functions which pull out metadata about when an Item was first created and when it is expected to expire.

Intensely Expanded Test Suites

Testing is by far one of the most important parts of the Stash library. Stash’s test suite contains 162 tests and over 4,200 assertions, which act to make sure that all drivers behave in a consistent manner and that all data that goes into Stash comes out as it should.

The StashBundle had not, until this point, been tested nearly as thoroughly. That has changed with this update, and the StashBundle now has 98% code coverage, with 94 tests and 834 different assertions.

Major Rewrite and Expansion of Documentation

All of the documentation has been reviewed and updated, including the PHPDoc and inline commenting. New sections have been added to help people Extend Stash for their purposes, Add New Drivers for systems not currently supported, and to Integrate Stash into their projects.

Lots of Little Things

Although a lot of big things have been mentioned, there’s numerous smaller changes that help make Stash better. For more information as well as a list of all potential BC breaks please check out the Changelogs for Stash and StashBundle.

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