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Stash v0.12.2 Released

This backwards compatible release contains a number of feature and stability improvements.

  • On the HHVM front a nasty regression with APCIterator was resolved, continuing the commitment to HHVM compatibility.
  • The Filesystem driver was given an alternative format, JSON, for systems where the native PHP was not optimal. This driver also saw signicant performance improvements related to the clearing functions.
  • The Redis driver was given additional tests, improved error handling, and better support for persistent connections.
  • Memcached also received improvements around it’s use of persistent connections, as well as support for the AWS autodiscovery feature.

In addition to those points there were a few minor bug fixes as well as some readability related code improvements.

Special Thanks to Steve Clay, Paul Scott, Matthias Kreft, Ben Clark and Giuseppe Roberti for their contributions to this release!

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